Saddle Mountain Climbing, Oregon

Saddle Mountain is part of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range in Clatsop County. Rising over 1,000 meters high, the mountain is rugged and provides a fabulous panoramic view from the top. For those who want an afternoon hike that is not too strenuous, but definitely invigorating and rewarding, Saddle Mountain is an excellent choice.

Summertime is the best time to visit to see a good view without too much cloud coverage. The mountain wildflowers bloom in the summer, as well. All along the paths are lovely flowers. Those who enjoy capturing nature photography should bring their cameras. While flowers should not be picked, a picture lasts much longer than the petals do, anyway. I got some exceptional shots of sunbeams through wild flower petals.

While walking up the incline, the scene before the eyes is constantly changing. I found the rock formations on the sides of the mountain, and the cliffs were interesting subjects for my still photos. One feature of these formations that caught my attention was that while the brownish-grey colored rocks of this mountain were rugged, most of them were not jagged, but smoothed and rounded, instead.

Some people in my group did not take the last, steep section of the path to the very summit, but, even if a hiker does not go to the very top, the views are stunning and worth the effort. I would recommend walking just as far up the path as a hiker wants to trek and at the speed most comfortable.

Definitely, all hikers should have water. The upward trail does not have restrooms or water fountains. Additionally, anyone who might get hungry should have some snacks along. Nuts are perfect because they have protein and fat for energy burning.

The top of the mountain has a safety railing on which tired hikers can lean and absorb the atmosphere. A wooden bench offers rest for tired legs. I was so excited to be on top, to have made it to the top of the mountain, since I am not a mountain climber. The view of the Oregon countryside and the Pacific Ocean in the distance is grand. I kept meandering around the summit taking photos of the panoramic scene before my eyes. Wisps of clouds floated by and enhanced the spectacle in the dazzling late afternoon sunshine.


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