Climbing a Mountain

I climbed the mountain high. Sometimes scratching and clawing at the sides.
Sometimes the highs were too high, sometimes the lows were too low, but still I kept on, because I had to know. If only I could reach the top I felt I could finally have what I thought was lost. This mountain is so massive, and I have been on it for so long, what if what I was seeking isn’t even on the top. I’ve just gone wrong.
I reached out in prayer for guidance, a clearer path to be seen. And as if by magic I saw a tunnel to go in. I started down the path and felt like it was right. Then I saw light, coming in to keep me from feeling the fright. And more than that as branches open along the way, bringing others to show me support as I travel through …

Indoor Climbing Walls in Colorado

Indoor Rock Climbing in Metro Denver, Colorado

My son and I have enjoyed indoor rock climbing for years. He was 4 years old when he first climbed his 20 foot wall.

Here is a list of a few places we have been.

APEX Center

Located in Arvada, Colorado has a very nice natural like climbing wall that is good for beginners and can accommodate up to seven climbers at a time. 13150 W. 72nd Ave.

The Point Athletic

Located in Lakewood, Colorado and this is where my son first climbed his wall. They have a great 35 foot climbing wall. Good for all experience levels. 533 Van Gordon Street.

And here are a few places we still need to go.

Erie Community Center

Located in Erie, Colorado has instructional classes for ages 3 and up as well as a 32 foot climbing wall AND a 10 foot …

Poudre Canyon, camping, climbing, and music – Denver Adventure Travel

This past weekend, I took a trip up to the Poudre Canyon, a winding front range canyon carved out by the seventy mile long Cache La Poudre river.  This canyon is all things recreation to residents and visitors of Fort Collins, CO.  I have only been up here twice, both times to splitboard up at the Diamond Peaks near Cameron Pass in the winter time.  This canyon is incredibly long; it takes almost two hours to travel the winding highway from Ft. Collins to the top of Cameron Pass.  However, the abundant recreation all along the highway are well worth it.

For this trip, we traveled less than a quarter up the canyon, to camp at the Narrows Campground.  This is a developed National Forest campground, with about eight pads strictly for tent camping.  There is a toilet, trash, and water on site.  In addition, the campground is short walking …

Climbing Pike's Peak in Colorado

Pike’s Peak at 14,110 feet is a pink granite beacon in the midst of the Colorado Rockies. Eons ago, dinosaurs roamed the area while it was in its infancy. Native Americans followed simple paths as they crisscrossed around it, and people now challenge themselves by climbing to the top in various ways: by foot, bike, car, or the Manitou and Pike’s Peak Railway. I, too, had spent a part of my life hoping to someday climb to its summit, not only to see the vast beauty surrounding the mountain, but also to say I had done it. But it was years before it became reality.

The first time I saw the pink mountain I was about eight while on vacation out west. As my dad drove past, he related the story of Zebulon Pike, the man who once called it the “Great Peak”. In mid-November of 1806, Pike and his …

Now You Can Climb a Mountain Online on Google Earth

If you have not yet downloaded Google Earth maybe this is a good time to try it. Chances are you have already used Google Maps or Yahoo Maps. Google Earth is different as it brings in navigation tools that the maps don’t necessarily have plus a growing three dimensional manipulation of the maps and satellite images to give them realistic properties that are enjoyable to look at. On Google Earth you can travel around the Earth and tour most of the famous spots that have been given three dimensional topology. It does not take long to download. There is a new upgraded version that is available. Caution-read the fine print as you download it because Google tries to also get you to download their Google Chrome Browser which you may or many not want to download on your computer. You don’t need Google Chrome to use Google Earth. Google sort …

Outdoor Rock Climbing Spots Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to a number of indoor rock climbing venues. Venues such as Higher Ground, Inside Moves, and the Kentwood Climbing Center offer a variety of climbing options for the numerous rock climbers living in Grand Rapids.

But what do rock climbers do if they want to climb outdoors? Unfortunately, most have to leave town to get their fill of outdoor rock climbing. The Grand Rapids area doesn’t have any outdoor rock climbing spots, but thankfully, the Lower Peninsula’s primary rock climbing spot is only a day trip away. For additional outdoor rock climbing spots, Grand Rapids area residents have to plan longer trips to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The best outdoor rock climbing spots in Michigan are:

The City of Grand Ledge’s Oak Park – Grand Ledge’s Oak Park is the only place in lower Michigan that has climbable rock faces. As such, it is an incredibly …

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Northeast Ohio

Rock climbing is an extremely dangerous sport, but there are those who enjoy the rush of climbing up a tall cliff. Rock climbing will test your strength on all levels, considering that climbing involves you supporting your own weight. Making sure you check for trespassing signs or signs that say no climbing, is very important, not only for your safety, but for your wallet. But, if you are one of those adrenalin pushers who can’t wait to find the highest rock cliff to climb, and are out for anything, then check out these spots. They are all located in Northeast Ohio.

Whipps Ledges

Whipps Ledges offers rock climbers over 1100 feet high cliffs, and is located in Medina Ohio. You can do top rope, bouldering, and there are some gear routes on their 19 sections. You must have a permit to climb here.
If you need information on how to …

Mountain Climbing: How to Use a Map Properly

If you have ever been caught out in a thick pea-soup fog, you will know how easy it is to be lost, even within a few yards of your own front door in a street that you know like the back of your hand. On the mountains mist and cloud is never of a thick green constituency, it is white or grey. Unless it is night or snowing hard it is always possible to see fifty yards or so. But mountains have few signposts or name-plates on them, and if you wish to return home safely and on time, then you will have to learn to use and trust the map and compass.

They never give you wrong advice and are better than a ‘hunch’ when you are in doubt. Mountains look entirely different in mist and cloud, and, just as in a city fog, it is possible to be …

Three Late Fall & Winter U.S. Rock Climbing Weekend Getaway Spots

If you’ve got a weekend to spare and you’re in a romantic relationship with a rock climber, there’s no better way to say, “I love you” than with a quick climbing vacation. However, if that weekend happens to be during late fall or winter, picking a U.S. rock climbing destination with good weather is challenging. By choosing one of the climbing areas below, you can almost guarantee a successful trip, even if the weather’s bad.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada Weekend Getaway

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area provides perhaps the country’s finest cold-season romantic vacation option for rock climbers. Red Rocks presents fantastically diverse rock climbing opportunities for climbers of all ability levels, including sport climbing, bouldering, and classic multi-pitch routes, plus plenty of local guide services if you want professional supervision.

Clean up from climbing at one of those cheap Vegas …


If you want to have roses all summer long, choose a climber. A climber will bloom all summer long, usually from June to October. If you choose a rambling rose it will bloom only once during the year for about four to six weeks. However, when the rambler blooms it makes a very dramatic impact on your garden.

What I have done to solve this problem is to have one rambler and one climber. The trick is the pruning. The climber only blooms from the new season’s growth, so it requires pruning back to the main frame.

On ramblers, flowers are produced on second year wood. Any pruning you do on a rambler is to shape it and not to stimulate flowers.

Rambler is a tall fast growing rose and will spread sideways. A Climber is much shorter and will do exactly as it’s trained to do.

For a spectacular …