Outdoor Rock Climbing in Northeast Ohio

Rock climbing is an extremely dangerous sport, but there are those who enjoy the rush of climbing up a tall cliff. Rock climbing will test your strength on all levels, considering that climbing involves you supporting your own weight. Making sure you check for trespassing signs or signs that say no climbing, is very important, not only for your safety, but for your wallet. But, if you are one of those adrenalin pushers who can’t wait to find the highest rock cliff to climb, and are out for anything, then check out these spots. They are all located in Northeast Ohio.

Whipps Ledges

Whipps Ledges offers rock climbers over 1100 feet high cliffs, and is located in Medina Ohio. You can do top rope, bouldering, and there are some gear routes on their 19 sections. You must have a permit to climb here.
If you need information on how to obtain one, go to http://www.headbaby.com/climb.htm. Here you will find the name and address of the place you need to go. Nice place to climb, and is well known for excellent sections.

Logtown Quarries

Logtown Quarries offer climbing areas that are 150 to 200 feet high, and is located in Lisbon Ohio. You are free to climb here if you get permission from the city and the boyscouts, who own part of the area. Nice, clean atmosphere, and a great place to climb. There are 11 sections to climb, and you can see some photos at www.rockclimbing.com/routes/North_America/United_States/Ohio/Northeast_Ohio/Logtown_Quarries/,
www.geocities.com/logtownguide/, and www.headbaby.com/climb.htm.

There are other places in Northeast Ohio to rock climb, like Chippewa Creek and Elywood Park. Chippewa Creek is located in Cuyahoga County, that offers 10 sections to climb. This place is mostly known for hiking trails, but people are permitted to rock climb, but might want to keep out of site. Elywood Park is located in Elyria Ohio, and offers six sections to climb. Elywood Park is not as clean as the two above, and you might run into a few places where you wonder, what the heck were people thinking, but both Chippewa Creek and Elywood Park are awesome, and offer some excitement for climbers, regardless of the problems you may encounter.

You can find other locations in Northeast Ohio, but you may run into some serious ticket problems by the police if you are caught. Try to use your personal judgement on any rock climbing area, for safety and for trouble.


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