Indoor Climbing Gyms in Boulder, Colorado

One of the most popular pastimes in Boulder, Colorado is undoubtedly rock climbing. The beautiful mountains and plentiful rock formations make getting out and climbing easy and fun in the warm months. But what happens when the weather turns cold? For that, try turning to one of Boulder’s great indoor rock gyms.

Spot Bouldering Gym: the Spot Bouldering Gym ( is considered the best rock gym dedicated to bouldering in the world, as well as one of the largest at 10,000 square feet. This gym has freestanding structures reaching up to 18 feet high. The rock textures and forms range from Hueco to Fontaineblue to Yosimite. For those who prefer lead climbing, the Spot offers a 25-foot rope wall. As usual, a variety of climbing classes are offered. The only down side to the Spot is that membership buys not only access to a great gym, but also a perceived arrogance.

Boulder Rock Club: The Boulder Rock Club has the same square footage as the Spot Bouldering Gym, however it is more geared toward lead climbing. The height here reaches 35-feet high as opposed to the Spot’s 25-feet. The Boulder Rock Club features a 2,000 square foot bouldering cave for those who enjoy climbing sans-ropes. A variety of courses are offered including intro to climbing, intro to women’s climbing, belay basics, and learning to lead. More information is available on

Movement Climbing and Fitness: Movement Climbing and Fitness is the newest climbing gym in the Boulder area and a welcome addition to the city’s climbing culture. Movement boasts the city’s tallest indoor lead walls topping out at 40-feet. The entire complex is over 22,000 square feet. This climbing gym offers more than simply walls to climb up; it also has a complete cardio and weight gym, yoga classes, and spinning classes. All of this is available for the $70 per month membership fee. More information can be found on their website:

So there you have the three best climbing gyms in the Boulder area. My advice to anyone reading this; go test drive (or at least feel out) all three of the gyms and see which one fits you the best.

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