Climbing the Mountains of Life that Challenge Us

The Hardest Mountains To Climb: 11 Challenging Peaks | Rough Guides

Challenges stand in our way
as we start climbing the mountain
of difficulties

We may find many
boulders blocking our path,
making our progress harder,

We wonder if
we can make
it to the summit.

But as we go up the mountain,
we see a small trail which will
make our way easier.

We notice the wildflowers
along the way, and hear the birds
singing their sweet tune

Look! There is a fellow traveler.
Perhaps he would like
to join and walk this path with me

Yes, the mountain is still
A challenge, but now the path seems
less difficult, with a travelling companion

We keep going,
up the mountain step by step,
until, finally, we both reach the top!

What does this poem mean to you?

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