Climbing the Movie Wall' – Movie Blog Spotlight

Meet Stephanie Haddad: Massachusetts writer, wife and mother. Fate saw fit that she should find her soul-mate in one of the world’s oddest creatures: the movie addict. Over time her husband has accumulated enough movies that they cover nearly an entire wall, appropriately dubbed “the movie wall.” Since most of the films were purchased by Mike, Stephanie has never seen a rather large number of them. Even many of the films that Mike has seen he hasn’t watched since buying the DVD, some are even still in their plastic wrapping. Stephanie has made it her personal mission to watch every last movie on the wall and blog her thoughts about each and ever film, titling it Climbing the Movie Wall .

For every film that Stephanie sees she makes a new entry in the blog. She includes an image of the movie poster and a basic summary of cast and …

Best Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Locations in Boise, Idaho

Boise has some of the best locations, indoor and outdoor, for rock climbing. Being part of an active lifestyle these days, most people look for recreational activities that give them a chance to exercise while having fun at the same time. Rock climbing offers both. It is a great all year around activity in Boise. Rock climbing helps to keep you in shape and build your self-confidence as well.

Indoor Rock Climbing in Boise – Boise Peak Fitness

Location : 308 S 25th St, Boise ID 83702
Contact Number : (208) 363 – 7325
Website :

Boise Peak Fitness is an indoor rock climbing center. The center provides the perfect way to exercise during the cold months and the warm months in Boise. For beginners, the center provides roped routes that require you to have a partner on the ground ensuring your safety. Ofcourse, intermediate and advanced climbers use …

Mountain Climbing Experience

Experience: I climbed 61 mountains in a year | Mountaineering | The Guardian

Adventure is something which every person on the planet wants to experience. The adventure of mountain climbing is one of its kinds. The joy reaches two-fold once you reach the top of the mountain. The feeling of reaching the sky makes you feel on top of the world. The top view from the mountain is something which makes you pump up with all the energy in the world and the mind gets completely refreshed.

Mountain climbing not only has its share of fun and adventure, it is also good way to maintain your health.  People living near the mountain areas climb these mountains frequently and their good sturdy body is mainly attributed to this mountain climbing adventure. Although for people who don’t stay near the mountain area it is a one off experience, it also arouses a feeling of fear while climbing steep rock area. Find tips on taking your …

Rock and Mountain Climbing in San Diego

Just because you live in a city does not mean that you have to be stuck in it all the time. We all need a break sometimes, and what better way to get that break than a nice climb nearby? There are several spots in San Diego for a great hike, some intense climbing, and some awe inspiring views.

Whether you head out to Cabrillo National Monument for a relaxing day hike, or run up to Cowles for a harder mountain trek, You can find something for your skill level and enjoyment. Some of these are near rivers and waterways and are a relaxing way to catch a swim. If you are really lucky, there will be some deep water for some rock jumping fun. Many of these are free, but some (like Cabrillo) have a small fee for parking. All over the county, there are little pockets of mountains

Important Tips for Outdoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing is one of the best sporting activities if you love the thrill of an adrenalin rush. There is nothing as fulfilling as reaching the summits after you have labored so diligently to reach the apex. Since rock climbing is such a demanding sport, there are a few specific things that you will want to know before you start on your fun-filled adventure. Outdoor rock climbing is not for the faint of heart, so make careful preparation before you engage your body, mind, and soul in this memorable physical activity.

#1 Equipment is the Key to Success

For a successful outdoor rock climbing experience, you must have the proper equipment. Many sports require pads, rackets, or specialized gear, and rock climbing is no exception. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the harness. The harness must be sized and strapped appropriately and have a snug fit …

Being Happy at 23: Outdoor Climbing

A study from the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics says we’re happiest when we’re 23 and 69. We asked 23- and 69-year-olds simply: What makes you happy? Here are some brief answers we received.

Being 23 has been one of the most amazing years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, being a temp worker while job-hunting in the wake of the recession has proven difficult, and I’m sure it has for many other 23-year-olds. What then makes me happy? Outdoor rock climbing.

I know that there are plenty of ages to enjoy this activity. It just feels great knowing that after putting in a 40-hour work week that I have the energy to get up early on the weekend to go rock climbing around Denver. At this age I just there’s just something exhilarating about the danger of slipping off a hold while 70 …

Tips for Mountain Climbing in Gatlinburg

Mountain climbing may be a popular activity, but this does not guarantee safety for those involved. In order to make sure that nothing bad happens, it is important for climbers to consider the tips below.

  1. Check the Weather Forecast

A number of people that take on climbing do not realize that they also need to be aware of weather conditions as they prepare for a trip. No matter how many times they inspect their supplies or plan out a route, it means little if the weather is not suitable. If it should rain, for example, rocks and crevices will prove too slippery to step on, among other things. Rain can also make it difficult to see, escalating the chances for trouble. There are many websites online that can provide forecasts; or, if you’re lodging in Gatlinburg TN or staying in one of the fine hotels in Gatlinburg, you could ask …

Top 3 Outdoor Rock Climbing Spots in Michigan

Finding outdoor rock climbing sites is a combination of part daredevil, part being in the know, and part having an urge to climb any vertical structure. I can help with being in the know. One of the best websites to find local rock climbing areas in Michigan can be found at this following link, which includes both indoor and outdoor climbing areas.

At you’ll be able to find numerous rock climbing sites from all four regions here in Michigan along with driving locations and notes and photos of the actual area. Detailed listings of each climb along with other climber comments makes for an invaluable source for all climbers experienced and new. Please be respectful of this list and always make sure you leave these beautiful areas as you find them after your climb.

Always remember to check your equipment and always stay on top of your safety …

A Few Rules for Safe Rock or Mountain Climbing

If you fancy the idea of climbing for a hobby then it is important to have studied what is required. Proper equipment beginning with clothing is the key to safe rock or mountain climbing. Every item should be designed for the job it has to do, and the best you can afford, from specialist outfitters.

Boots – Go for leather climbing boots with a thick but flexible rubber sole. There should be no exposed stitching, as raised threads can be cut by abrasive rocks. The uppers should be padded -also the tongue – and high enough to cover the anklebone. Laces should fasten through cleats or D-rings, not eyelets through which water can penetrate.

Socks – Wear thick woolen ones; and if you have climbing breeches the socks should be long enough to reach to just below the knee.

Trousers – Loose-fitting trousers give ease of movement and in summer …

Mountain Climbing in Texas: Guadalupe Mountain National Park

Who says there are no mountains in Texas? Recently when I told some friends I had climbed the highest mountain in Texas they assumed it was nothing but a highway overpass. Actually at 8,749ft Guadalupe Peak is higher than any mountain on the east coast. When those snobby Appalachian trail hikers talk about reaching the top of Clingman’s Dome or Mount Washington you can remind them that Guadalupe peak is 2,000 ft higher than those mountains.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is in far west Texas and sits close to the New Mexico border. El Paso is about a 100 miles to the west. To travel by air you can fly into El Paso or Midland /Odessa. Once you arrive at the Park you will probably notice that it is not the most crowded National Park. If you hunger for the crowds of Yellowstone this is not the park for you. …