Dangerous Sports of Colorado: Sky-diving, Mountain-climbing, and River-Rafting

Sky Diving

The most fun you can have is by jumping out of a plane at 30,000 ft. I remember the nerve-racking flight with all of its light jostles, the discomfort of the goggles, the sweat pouring off my forehead. My heart was thumping like a jacket rabbit. But your heart suddenly stops when the man or woman opens the airlock door, and you end up saying “What the hell?” just loud enough for the person you’re with to hear. On normal 747s that door is supposed to remain shut at all times to sustain cabin preasure. You can’t help but worry that the plane is going to start dropping in altitude and everyone on board is going to crash into the Earth in a big ball of flames. Then there is the rush of standing in front of the open door, waiting for the courage to step off into …

How to Learn to Climb a Mountain

For those amongst us who have an adventurous bend, mountain climbing is the ultimate challenge. There are a lot of things to take into consideration and all of them play a part in your safety and the safety of everyone in your group as well. Pick a good mountain climbing school and you will learn about glacier climbing, Alpine climbing, rock climbing and even how to climb a frozen waterfall. Don’t even think about going mountain climbing without first taking lessons.

Alpine Accents International is based in Seattle Washington and offers courses for beginners and intermediate climbers. For beginners and intermediate, they offer an eight day training course with climbing on Mt. Rainier. Another one on Rainier is the Denali Preparation Course, another one for beginners or intermediate climbers. Choose the six day course for beginners or intermediate climbers with climbing in the Cascade Mountains or the eight day course …

Stay Safe Using Climbing Equipment Designed to Make Climbs Easier

Safety is of the utmost important for climbers and they make careful considerations when choosing Climbing Equipment to ensure climbs are eventful for all the right reasons.  Seasoned climbers get to know the types of Climbing Equipment that will help to keep them safe during various climbs, but what happens if you are a novice climber?  How do you know if the Climbing equipment you choose is suitable for a first time climb?
Obviously you put a lot of faith in your climbing instructor if you’re a novice climber. You rely on them to hook you up to sturdy ranges of Climbing Equipment, proven products that are designed for safety and comfort.  Armed with the right Climbing Equipment and with a decent pair of climbing shoes, you’ll soon get to grips with surface of all types.
Starting out with the basics
Climbing equipment will vary depending on the types of …

Put on that Climbing Gear-Hiking Season is in Full Swing!

Hiking through the wilderness is only one rugged adventure every American should have.

It is essential for those of us who live surrounded by pavement to feel the grass under our feet and shade over our heads every once in a while. Hiking not only provides great exercise, it also rejuvenates and usually allows for some spectacular views of nature.

There are some spectacular views of nature all across the country, particularly along the coastlines.

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, completed in 1937 stretches over 2,000 miles between Maine and Georgia. The Pacific Crest Trail runs nearly 3,000 miles between Mexico and Canada.

The Appalachian Trail also offers glimpses of exotic plants and animals. The trail along the mountain chain is located in a suitable environment that has allowed species to persist through periods of climate change. There are also isolated climatic refuges for boreal and subtropical species due to …

Climbing the Highest Mountain in Hawaii – Part 2

After a restful night camping at 8000 feet, we were up early on Sunday morning ready make a go for the summit of Mauna Kea. We piled into Jim’s Cherokee and he drove us further up Mauna Kea’s western flank via the 4×4 road. We eventually stopped and started hiking at around the 10,000 foot level. The 4×4 road actually continued beyond this point but it became rougher and prudence said to begin hiking where we did.

The good thing about hiking above 10,000 feet on Mauna Kea is that the weather stayed below us. We enjoyed clear, sunny conditions during the hike. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, it was raining downslope, a fact we realized when we saw the wet, muddy condition of the jeep road at lower elevations during our exit drive down the mountain. Though it was sunny up high, the temps all day were in the mid- …

Climbing the Mountains of Life that Challenge Us

The Hardest Mountains To Climb: 11 Challenging Peaks | Rough Guides

Challenges stand in our way
as we start climbing the mountain
of difficulties

We may find many
boulders blocking our path,
making our progress harder,

We wonder if
we can make
it to the summit.

But as we go up the mountain,
we see a small trail which will
make our way easier.

We notice the wildflowers
along the way, and hear the birds
singing their sweet tune

Look! There is a fellow traveler.
Perhaps he would like
to join and walk this path with me

Yes, the mountain is still
A challenge, but now the path seems
less difficult, with a travelling companion

We keep going,
up the mountain step by step,
until, finally, we both reach the top!

What does this poem mean to you?…

Climbing the Movie Wall' – Movie Blog Spotlight

Meet Stephanie Haddad: Massachusetts writer, wife and mother. Fate saw fit that she should find her soul-mate in one of the world’s oddest creatures: the movie addict. Over time her husband has accumulated enough movies that they cover nearly an entire wall, appropriately dubbed “the movie wall.” Since most of the films were purchased by Mike, Stephanie has never seen a rather large number of them. Even many of the films that Mike has seen he hasn’t watched since buying the DVD, some are even still in their plastic wrapping. Stephanie has made it her personal mission to watch every last movie on the wall and blog her thoughts about each and ever film, titling it Climbing the Movie Wall .

For every film that Stephanie sees she makes a new entry in the blog. She includes an image of the movie poster and a basic summary of cast and …

Best Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Locations in Boise, Idaho

Boise has some of the best locations, indoor and outdoor, for rock climbing. Being part of an active lifestyle these days, most people look for recreational activities that give them a chance to exercise while having fun at the same time. Rock climbing offers both. It is a great all year around activity in Boise. Rock climbing helps to keep you in shape and build your self-confidence as well.

Indoor Rock Climbing in Boise – Boise Peak Fitness

Location : 308 S 25th St, Boise ID 83702
Contact Number : (208) 363 – 7325
Website : http://www.boisepeakfitness.com

Boise Peak Fitness is an indoor rock climbing center. The center provides the perfect way to exercise during the cold months and the warm months in Boise. For beginners, the center provides roped routes that require you to have a partner on the ground ensuring your safety. Ofcourse, intermediate and advanced climbers use …

Mountain Climbing Experience

Experience: I climbed 61 mountains in a year | Mountaineering | The Guardian

Adventure is something which every person on the planet wants to experience. The adventure of mountain climbing is one of its kinds. The joy reaches two-fold once you reach the top of the mountain. The feeling of reaching the sky makes you feel on top of the world. The top view from the mountain is something which makes you pump up with all the energy in the world and the mind gets completely refreshed.

Mountain climbing not only has its share of fun and adventure, it is also good way to maintain your health.  People living near the mountain areas climb these mountains frequently and their good sturdy body is mainly attributed to this mountain climbing adventure. Although for people who don’t stay near the mountain area it is a one off experience, it also arouses a feeling of fear while climbing steep rock area. Find tips on taking your …

Rock and Mountain Climbing in San Diego

Just because you live in a city does not mean that you have to be stuck in it all the time. We all need a break sometimes, and what better way to get that break than a nice climb nearby? There are several spots in San Diego for a great hike, some intense climbing, and some awe inspiring views.

Whether you head out to Cabrillo National Monument for a relaxing day hike, or run up to Cowles for a harder mountain trek, You can find something for your skill level and enjoyment. Some of these are near rivers and waterways and are a relaxing way to catch a swim. If you are really lucky, there will be some deep water for some rock jumping fun. Many of these are free, but some (like Cabrillo) have a small fee for parking. All over the county, there are little pockets of mountains