Best Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Locations in Boise, Idaho

Boise has some of the best locations, indoor and outdoor, for rock climbing. Being part of an active lifestyle these days, most people look for recreational activities that give them a chance to exercise while having fun at the same time. Rock climbing offers both. It is a great all year around activity in Boise. Rock climbing helps to keep you in shape and build your self-confidence as well.

Indoor Rock Climbing in Boise – Boise Peak Fitness

Location : 308 S 25th St, Boise ID 83702
Contact Number : (208) 363 – 7325
Website :

Boise Peak Fitness is an indoor rock climbing center. The center provides the perfect way to exercise during the cold months and the warm months in Boise. For beginners, the center provides roped routes that require you to have a partner on the ground ensuring your safety. Ofcourse, intermediate and advanced climbers use these routes too. The center also provides classes to teach you how to manage the climbing routes and how to be a belayer, the person who manages the ropes.

The rates for rock climbing at Boise Peak Fitness vary based on the season and also on whether you decide to get a membership or day passes. It costs about $259 per year for an adult. My husband chooses to get the day passes that cost $14. They are useful for people who are not sure whether they’ll be able to climb on a regular basis. The center has climbing equipment that can be rented, but if you’re thinking of becoming a regular climber, then buying some of your own climbing gear such as shoes would be a good idea. You can buy equipment from outdoor sports stores such as REI or the Idaho Mountain Touring Store.

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Boise – Black Cliffs

If you would prefer to take your climbing outdoors, the recommended location would be the Black Cliffs near the Lucky Peak Reservoir. It is located just east of Boise on Highway 21, just before the Lucky Peak Reservoir. If you drive east on Warm Springs Avenue to Highway 21, the rock wall face is adjacent to the Highway and is just across from the Diversion Dam. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the wall from where you park your car. This location is ideal as it is close to town.

The cliffs offer climbing for all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Most of the routes are on the north side of the river while there are some advanced routes on the south side. There is no cost to climb at the Black Cliffs. However, you would need to buy climbing gear such as shoes, helmets, harnesses, ropes and slings at outdoor sports stores such as REI or the Idaho Mountain Touring Store. You can also check the Boise Craigslist website for second-hand climbing gear but do make sure that they are not too old or faulty. When climbing at the Black Cliffs, it is important for you to bring a climbing partner along to manage the ropes to ensure your safety. It is always safest to climb in pairs or groups.

Do take note that due to birds of prey that nest along the cliffs, yearly closures from January to May may affect parts of the area. You can call REI or the Idaho Mountain Touring Store for details on these closures.


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