Being Happy at 23: Outdoor Climbing

A study from the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics says we’re happiest when we’re 23 and 69. We asked 23- and 69-year-olds simply: What makes you happy? Here are some brief answers we received.

Being 23 has been one of the most amazing years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, being a temp worker while job-hunting in the wake of the recession has proven difficult, and I’m sure it has for many other 23-year-olds. What then makes me happy? Outdoor rock climbing.

I know that there are plenty of ages to enjoy this activity. It just feels great knowing that after putting in a 40-hour work week that I have the energy to get up early on the weekend to go rock climbing around Denver. At this age I just there’s just something exhilarating about the danger of slipping off a hold while 70 feet in the air, but still being confident in your physical ability to get to the top. During the ascension, I focus on living in the moment and take in the beauty of the Colorado scenery; it essentially keeps me happy despite all of life’s other struggles. Of course, living in Colorado isn’t too bad either!

–Danielle Richardson, Littleton, Colo.

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